Brazilian design brand of furniture, lighting and accessories.
We live in silence, contemplating the environments, through pieces that welcome well-being. We seek to give naturalness to inhabit, with harmonic and sensorial simplicities. We express Brazilian uniqueness through our lines, highlighting local materials and technologies.
With a contemporary tropical aesthetic, designer Guilherme Wentz's creations reflect the contemplative personality of their creator, connected to nature and obsessed with design. His designs present a new look at the home, where each piece conveys a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality.

1987 - Guilherme Wentz is born on July 17, in the city of Caxias do Sul, in the South of Brazil, where he spends all his youth.

2008 - Wentz quits the Business School to start a new creative life studying Product

2010 - Starts his career as a designer at Riva object brand, where he works for two

2012 - Recently graduated, receives the IDEA Brazil Award for his first product in the
market, the Officer desk, developed for the brand Decameron from Sao Paulo state.

2013 - Receives the iF Design Award for his second signed project, the K Collection for
Riva, sets up his studio and starts designing for different brands of furniture, lighting and

2014 - Moves his studio to São Paulo, takes over as the Style Director of Decameron
and Carbono brands and he is invited to a project commissioned by the São Paulo
Museum of Modern Art.

2016 - Joins businessman Rafael Gehrke to launch his first independent collection,
called "Capítulo 1 (Chapter 1)", which in its first year was already available in some of
the main designer stores in Brazil and the United States. In the same year is named
"Rising Talent" by Maison & Objet Americas, wins the 1st place in the Museu da Casa
Brasileira (The Brazilian House Museum) Award and his second iF Design Award.

2017 - Named "Rising Talent" by Casa Vogue Design Award and has one of his projects
acquired for the permanent collection of the Design and Fashion Museum of Lisbon.

2018 - Wentz is named by the New York Times T-Magazine as one of the "Rising
Design Studios of the Americas".

2019 - The WENTZ brand is established for the production and distribution of
independent collections and it is launched during New York Design Week. On August
19, the first WENTZ concept store opens in São Paulo.

Portrait by Lorena Dini