The Bowl Console explores the sensation of movement in a static object. The ceramic bowl seems to act on the thin metal table top, which is curved, as if gravity was part of the design. Not only the shape is reduced to the essential minimal, as it suggests an environment with more free space, since the top has the minimum depth needed to support everyday use objects — such as glasses, plates and books — and the ceramic bowl offers a simple solution for objects that are often scattered on the coffee tables, leaving the environment even cleaner and lighter.


Console with multifunctional bowl. Textured powder coated steel structure and table top. Handcraft ceramic bowl. The bowl is attached to the console top by a custom stainless steel pin.
Year : 2022

Note 1: The ceramic bowl may vary due to its manual manufacturing process. These characteristics are part of the product’s history and make each piece unique.

Note 2: The ceramic bowl is fragile and has a decorative function and as an object holder. Not suitable for heavy objects, liquids, food or as a plant pot.

W: 30cm / 11,8"
D: 185cm / 72,8"

H: 76cm / 29,9"

Type: Console

Environment: Indoor

Materials: Steel, Ceramic, Stainless Steel

Note: Natural materials are subject to color and texture variations. These characteristics are part of the product history and make every single piece unique.