The chair is a soft synthesis. In a sensorial and fluid path, the tube materializes a long and sinuous design that runs through the
parts of the chair in one breath. All upholstered in WE—KNIT fabric — made from recycled PET bottles — it protects and welcomes the gesture of sitting, mimicking human joints.


Upholstered chair with steel structure and foam. Exclusive WE—KNIT covering made in a tubular shape, making it seamless. Plastic tips fitted to the feet to prevent fabric friction against the floor.
Year : 2021

W: 61cm / 24”
D: 58cm / 23¾”
H: 75cm / 29½”

Seat height: 46cm / 18”

Type: Chair

Environment: Indoor

Materials: Steel, Upholstery

Fabric: WE—KNIT Tubo (100% Recycled PET)