Baixa ("low" in Portuguese) is the first WENTZ` bed and translates the designers intent to invite people to lay close to the floor. The curved and upholstered structure breaks the rigid lines of the mattress and invite to relaxation. The exclusive WE-Knit covering promotes a soft touch on a seamless surface.


Upholstered sofa with wooden frame, plywood, elastic straps and foam. Exclusive WE-Knit Covering (100% PES). Base in black painted wood. Pillows included with the same finishing as the sofa.

W: 174cm / 68,5”
D: 238cm / 93,7”
H: 72cm / 28,3”

  • The bed fits a standard Double mattress (138cm/54" x 188cm/78")

W: 194cm / 76,4”
D: 248cm / 97,6”
H: 72cm / 28,3”

  • The bed fits a standard Queen-Size mattress (158cm/62" x 198cm/78")

W: 230cm / 90,5”
D: 256cm / 100,8”
H: 72cm / 28,3”

  • The bed fits a standard King-Size mattress (193cm/76" x 203cm/80")

The height varies depending on the mattress used. Please consider that the mattress will be elevated 10cm/4 ” relation to the floor. (In the photos: mattress 25cm / 9.8” high, resulting at a total height of 35cm / 13.8”).

Type: Bed
Environment: Indoor
Materials: Wood, Upholstery

Note: Mattress, pillows and sheets are not included.