The Volta candle is an invitation to contemplate the passage of time. Its incomplete turn expresses the natural movement of something in creation, while the silent burning of the wax suggests the impermanence of what has already passed. The soy wax with essential oils allows a slow burning without emission of toxins into the environment.


Soy wax candle. Essencial oils — lemon balm, verbena and eucalyptus, for the white version; Basil and tangerine, for the black version. Organic carbon pigment, for the black version. No chemical additives. Burning about 80 hours.

W: 14,5cm / 5,7”

D: 14,0cm / 5,5”

H: 9,5cm / 3,7”

Type: Scent Candle

Environment: Indoor

Materials: Soy wax and essencial oils

Note: Natural materials and pigments are subject to color and texture variations. These characteristics are part of the product history and make every single piece unique.